Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Duty Calls

Okay, really. I thought I started this blog with intents to actually post on it. Hmm... well, after 7 straight hours today of cleaning, doing laundry and cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner it won't be tonight that I post.

Oh, and did I mention that it is 9 o'clock and both girls are sleeping? Wow... Seriously, WOW. So what am I going to do with this precious time? Make and freeze some batches of (homemade organic) babyfood, wash diapers, finish laundry annndd.... not the dishes. That's what. Ironically enough, I couldn't be happier doing these tiresome things. Ahh what a life!

See you in the A.M.!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Surfing Sans Sand & Sunshine

My kids and I need to start chenneling each other a little more often and finding out what things we enjoy doing together! Something that seems to be standing in the way of this, lately, is a form of channeling alright. Channel Surfing.

Call me crazy, but I think I need to start weaning my familly off of television. Not that I am against watching t.v. or anything, because I am so totally not. I love my shoes shows. Well...those that I actually get to watch. I think I have some shows that actually recorded months ago and I still have not seen them. And I want to watch them. I do. It just seems that there is always something else needing my attention more. But one day I will head home from the grocery store with a pint half-gallon of rocky road, call up a sitter and proceed to watch each and every show/movie that I have recorded and never watched. Ok...maybe not everything. I will probably take an hour break and give myself a pedicure!

I seem to remember once seeing something that said "watching too much television rots your brain". Ok, maybe I don't beleive that, persay, but there are a whole slough of a reasons why not to let your children watch too much t.v.; same goes for us older folks. Seriously, just Google it.

I am making it my personal goal...no, my FAMILY goal to keep the television turned off, more often. I mean, we've even begun to leave it on for ambient background noise and while sleeping at night, even though no one is watching it. (I believe this habit stems from a dire need to shush the ' bills ' and ' need to get done's ' from runing through our overworked brains.) Ouch, that can't be good for the electric bill!

Who knows, maybe this will get us into a more active lifestyle. Because let's face it, chasing after kids, doing never ending laundry and planning, making and cleaning up after meals isn't working for me! Maybe I can burn off some o those much unwanted post-baby calories. Soak up some Vitamin-D. Afterall, it is summer you know.

Err, maybe that's been the problem, actually. You know...a TEXAS Summer.

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