Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fairy Wings, Pixie Dust & My Grumpy, Grumpy Girl....

Yesterday was a busy, busy day. We went to shoot with my friend Tiffany Turk, who was needing to exercise some creativity, on her own terms. I'm sure that when your day job, occasionally night job in this case, is taking photos of other people want, sometimes you just want to shoot what you want, for a change. We had a really great time. My daughter played a beautiful, floaty, winged fairy, while Tiffany shot her photos. Then....came the grumpy face. And oh was is ever! I'm still not sure what her deal was. She was well fed, well rested and looking oh-so-cute. I guess enjoying my daughter in a good mood these days only happens on her terms, now. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted, anyway. Though I do hope Tiffany was able to herself some good shots. (P.S. I may have been a little grumpy myself, but only maybe! Shh!)
Not but a few moments after ariving home, post shoot, I walked into the living room and found this wilted, fairyish, heap on the rug. I guess she'd had a long day!

The nap must have done her some good because the moment she was awake, she was hungry for seaweed. MMM toasted seaweed!!

And I must tell you, as this video will support, Spinach is to Popeye as Seaweed is to my little fairylicious, eater of green algae...


(Hmm...well, I have a super great video of her dancing that should go here, although I don't have software that will let me rotate it from being sideways and I don't want to give anyone a sore neck. If you want to see this video...maybe you could suggest some downloadable, free software?? Then, I could edit it in.

And what was Baby Girl doing, while all of this was taking place, you ask?Sitting Pretty, of course! :)

Oh...and by the way, Bunny had this to say earlier in the day!

Once the baby went down for a while, my Big Girl made a 'Kitty 3,000 Hair Groomer' out of Bunny's Popatot. Poor cats. She chased them around, caught them and then proceeded to groom them. When it comes to bath-rebeling-dogs, they almost always feel so good, afterwards. But, when it comes to 5 yr old kitty grooming, I am (sadly)sure this isn't the case. I don't think they liked it so much. However, we don't halfway do things around here, this thing-a-majig was complete with all a groomer could ever need; brush, clippies, detangler, my favorite hat(remind me to wash that....) hair ties, and...that might be it.

Annnnndddd....that pretty much sums up our day!

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