Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our Summer In Summation

As the new school year approaches, I just thought I would share with you a few things from the summer.

Karmen's 5th birthday marked the beginning.

And Lizette turned 2 months.

Rooms were ordered to be cleaned,

But sometimes weren't.

There was an abundance of fish catching, fish frying, and fish cleaning. And wouldn't you know, my daughter has a softspot for fish. Yes, the little girl who tries to catch deer legs in a bag, from the hanging carcasses as we quarter and process them during season.

Lizette turned 3 months...

Baseball was practiced.

And coached.
And played.
Friends came to visit!

4th of July parades were attended

and windmill well fed stock tanks were swam in.

Karmen shot her first jackrabbit off of a 4 wheeler with Uncle John

(Grandpa)Uncle and Grandad taught her how to 'use' a magnifying glass!

Zeb and I had dinner with some great friends

and then adored our darling daughter as she slept in her sling.

Did I mentioned that we started putting our little chunker in cloth diapers? Aren't they to die for?!
Karmen and I strolled our babies, Lizette and Lily, together.

Then Lizette turned 4 months old

Karmen ran around the hospital with her twin cousins, Tristan and Blake.

She also learned about boiling crawfish!

To end the season with a bang SPLASH, we are going to Sea World this weekend! I'm sure that will require a post all its own!

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